Monday, January 8, 2018


I think I'm almost there with getting over this flu! It's down to sore throat and cough drops at this point. I can be upright and everything.

This weekend was more of the same from my last post- recovery, Adventure Zone, video games. We did take an outing to Half Price Books to sell off some older books in preparation for the move, but that was about as much adventure as the three of us could manage in our almost-recovered state.

Later today we're planning on seeing The Shape Of Water (finally! I'm hype!!) so we'll see if my body holds out for that.

Friday, January 5, 2018

a slow start

I wanted to try a post a day, but that con crud I mentioned in the last post turned out to be the flu. I think I'm on the mend, fingers crossed, but it's going to be slow here until I'm better. Haven't gotten much done in the last few days other than coughing, lying down, and listening to Adventure Zone. Sorry about this!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

2018 Start

Sorry for not kicking off this blog on the first day of the year. I honestly tried to, but hit post without copying it first, and did so in the middle of the mountains of nowhere.

I'm also sorry for not putting together a nice intro about me and this blog, but I'm still working that out myself. The little profile/stat blurb on the side gets the basics for me, and the subtitle covers topics I'm thinking about trying so far.

New Year's Eve was spent at a hotel, watching a silly movie instead of the ball drop. That's the first time I've missed it that I can remember, but I can't say I minded. The rest of the night was spent lounging around with Ruth and Jessica, drinking mimosas and watching fireworks out the window.

This was pretty similar to last year's new year's eve- we're finishing the same convention, and it fell on Sunday again. The main difference is that I wasn't crying this time as the year turned over.
2017 was not good to me (or anyone else), and 2016 wasn't any kinder, hence the crying. But I'm trying to keep up hope for the upcoming year.

Yesterday we went to a nice relaxing party, and saw The Last Jedi again at an Alamo (more on that later) before driving back home through the night. The statue shown was by the Alamo we went to.

Today was spent being sick with con crud. Coughing up a lung, mailing a lot of orders, watching the most recent Runaways and then Jessica playing Zelda, and not much else. Now I'm listening to The Adventure Zone and waiting for the cold medicine to kick in.